Thursday, 27 December 2007

Day 6

I realized I have violated the format of the blog in the previous post. So here we go back on to format.

To do list from previous day-
Copy corp notes
Find out what all there is to study in each subject.
Letter to Tigadi.
Brochure to Kunal Ambasta's school.
Call Sakti - Kanakpura regarding Nagamma's case.

Action taken
Have been coping corp notes.
Went and spoke to Tigadi

Next to do list
brief second years for tomorrows LLP
Copy Corp notes
Find out what all there is to study in each subject.
Brochure to Kunal Ambasta school
Find Khulali's make up form photocopy
Give negotiations accounts to Bhargavi
Prepare for Vivas.

There is so much to do, I've renounced and and metacafe. Taking up too much of my time.

I also spend substantial amounts of time on Star of Mysore and some blogs. But these are valuable. I should try and keep away from reading Kannada newspapers online.

In keeping with tradition, i should have started this blog with a Ganapati pooje. Since I didn't do it then, I shall do it now.

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Khulali said...

hello! here I come- following you around. I think its a good idea- this blog.I shall post my comments regularly adding to your to do ;)good luck! much love.

You wuz here