Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The joy of being recognised and Mysore mess

Promise promise promise that this will be the last post on this blog for a while that is not in the prescribed format. after I come back from dinner I'll post a proper one in the To do list- Action taken format.

While at my Karmabhoomi today, a lawyer started staring at me. It wasn't a stare with fantasies of S377 but rather said "I've seen you somewhere". Next moment he's chatting with my boss, and suddenly he looks me squarely in the eye and says "I've seen you in Jail".
I knew I should have shaved... now people think I'm a con... There is a cop next to me also...

"It was very entertaining" My boss makes a question mark with his face.

"The chief justice really appreciated your play". The fog in my head cleared up permitting me to blurt out an embarrassed thank you. He thankfully does the honors and explains the whole thing to Boss.

Far cooler - Walking down Nagarbhavi main road, school children suddenly throw a good evening saar in my direction. I look around... some school teacher next to me? No it's me... the guy who made a fool of himself for an hour and a half under the pretext of a Legal Literacy Program.

We then come to the mess in Mysore. I am registered as a voter in Mysore (Chamundeshwari constituency for LA) and am really confused. This is the first time I'll be voting so I'm actually thinking about what party I'll vote for.

The situation has really changed from the last elections (2004). Then, the foremost leaders of various parties in Mysore were as follows
JD(S): Siddramiah
Cong: H. Vishwanath
BJP: C.H. Vijayashankar

Now, Siddramiah has left JD(S) and joined congress (or as some Mysoreans would have it, congress has joined him) this happened in 2006 feb-march. The developments of the last two days suggest that H. Vishwanath might leave (if he doesn't get chucked out before that) congress for JD(S) which would be a complete exchange. The most popular BJP leader in Mysore district is GT Devegowda who left JD(S) only a couple of months ago. Politics is supposed to be dirty and I wouldn't consider myself a person to blog about slimy politicians. Simply because I expect them to be slimy and it doesn't surprise me when they behave in that way. But the merry go round has been really dizzy this time.

I don't even want to start about the extended practical joke known as local body elections nor am I in the mood to rant about one officer being Deputy Commissioner Mysore District, Mysore City Corporation Commissioner and MUDA chairman all at the same time but if you're really interested become a regular at www.starofmysore.com.

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