Saturday, 31 January 2009

Bailout game - Walkthrough

This might seem a bit odd if you don't check out my previous post first.

Bear stearns let die
FNB Nevada – DIE
Saved Freddie Mac and Fannie mae
Saved Lehman and AIG
Saved BOA – Gave me some points
I saved wells Fargo
Synovus saved
WAMU gets money when it needs money.
Morgan Stanley need 10 Billion- Here you go
Wachovia goes to Wells Fargo
JP Morgan Chase saved – Anything that needs 25B needs to be saved
Assets worth 63.5 B (famously errant valuations) and asking for 1.7 B doesn’t make sense. Marshall and Illsey money this time – The markets went down when I denied them last time
Goldman Sachs is mine – State Capitalism
Saved PNC
Auto Makers get money – puts me shares down though
Even the affluent Sun Trust Banks get money.
BB&T get money
No matter what, CITI gets money
Comerica too
State street lives
First Horizon who? – They get money anyway. Why not? My drivers are Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson. Wait are they saying I’m…
Valley National Bancorp – They get some money too
Franklin Bank also gets money
TCF Corp – Their lucky day man.
M&T Bancorp – Last ones have to get

However, a better idea is to rescue everyone. I got my name on the leaderboard both times but did better giving everyone money. And so much more convenient... You can try letting Merill Lynch go (because BOA gets the money anyway).

You might also notice that if you follow the more elaborately thought out walkthrough you cannot see many of the businesses you can come across if you've been giving everyone money (They seem to change a bit all the time anyway).

The makers of the game seem to have rose tinted glasses on.

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