Friday, 27 February 2009

Another Economy Game

The flavour of the season is economy related games folks. The latest one on offer is the trillion dollar bailout game Trying to explain how the game works would be stupid. it's really simple to figure out. I'll just tell you how this game compares with the bailout game which I had written about previously. Now, gaming wise, this game is as much pie gates as it is about making right policy calls. Now, I might not agree with several of the positions it impliedly takes about the effects of certain measures. But compared to the bailout game it definitely has a more moderate view on the crisis. However it doesn't have any system of points and it is damn simple to win. There is no leader board or high score so there is nothing to get you to try the game more than once (you're almost guaranteed to win the first time unless you are determined to lose or are a strict laissez faire practitioner)

This is not the game I can give you a walkthrough for. For those who are current affairs challenged, I can give the following tip: When you don't understand whether saving a particular entity is good or bad for the economy, the thumb rule in this game is to give money to people below the flyover and deny it to people above unless they seem to be some government entity.

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