Monday, 4 May 2009

Susan Boyle & Jamie Pugh

Among people I know in meatspace, I was the first to find Susan Boyle. I didn't think much of it at the time but the video on YouTube had been seen tens of thousands of times (10,000-90,000) when I first saw it and now a mere three weeks later it is close to 51 million (50,858,627 views at the time of posting). I hope you are hearing of Jamie Pugh here first. It would give me such a kick to have been in on the scoop when it's still hot. I first caught him at 60,000 odd views earlier in the day and the video already records 104,511 views.

Both of them sing very very well, but what really seems to make them click is that they are unlikely heroes. Even though I see a pattern here (We can also bring in the first season winner into the picture), I don't for a moment believe that the producers of Britains Got Talent are trying to force it that way. It seems completely possible that it is just a product of the times.

Confession: I don't really follow the show and am not blown away by these people either. I just like memes, viral videos etc.


iissarayu said...

Oh yes. She's ordinary - but I love her - she's adorable, so real, so normal.

vikramhegde said...


Meanderings and Reflections said...

Hmmm. Lots of newpapaers have interesting and sensible articles written about Susan Boyle, which to a larger extent is true but then there is a catch here - the media. One way it promotes plasticity and in another it bashes down the same and glorifies the many Susan Boyles. Well, the reader has to be discerning.

vikramhegde said...

I think it is a cycle and the media is currently on an anti plasticity cycle. Which is what explains the rise of not only Susan Boyle and Jamie Pugh but also Obama in a way. I don't see the same trend with the Indian media though. Even the people who perform well on the reality shows here seem so plastic. The kids shows thankfully are better.

iissarayu said...

Nooo. The kids shows are awful - just see Mummy ke superstars to believe me.

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