Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Online economy game review: Mortgage meltdown

Continuing the tradition of putting up links to economy games on this blog, we point you to Mortgage Meltdown the latest offering from addicting games. I stick to in browser flash games mainly.

Update: I love the moral lessons this game imparts. It is possible to make some money by speculating on properties and watching for a rise and fall in prices but then it hinges on being quick and it is not possible to own several properties at once. It however encourages you to make stable and definite profits out of the value you add to property by renovations. A simple buy - renovate -sell business model can make you a millionaire. I made nearly 6 million like this before the game hung. I would have played it again but I've found a new game. But yes the message of the game is what makes me happy- Do not speculate and indulge in risky market practices, there are a hundred honest ways to make money. The game also discourages deals where anonymous buyers offer insanely huge prices. The several touts who offer to pay off your loans and get you better credit rating are also bad news.

Sorry about the update longer than the post, the first time I played I engaged in speculation and every kind of shady practice thinking that is what I must do to win this game as. Turns out I'm wrong. Shame on me.

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