Wednesday, 9 December 2009

What does it cost?

This isn't really a post as much as it is a sad joke that should have been a tweet. But since I'm putting it up here, I'll resolve to make it a trailer for the next post which will be bigger and better.

My target today is again from the front page of the Times of India. The article claims that Rs 42 Lakhs are wasted every time the legislature doesn't function. The article feels sad about this. I would say that it's good. 42 Lakhs is very economical. Just think about the money that would have been wasted if they actually functioned.


Sir Loon said...

lol, I have lately stopped reading ToI altogether.

Susan Deborah said...

Ha ha. Your take on things is sure refreshing.

Been long. Glad to have dropped by after months.

Take care.

Joy always,

vikramhegde said...

@the Marvellous Sir Loon
Seems like a course of action I should follow too.

Thanks for visiting. And don't worry, given the dismal frequency of my posts, you don't miss much in a couple of months :)

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A.Bushan said...

he he ..

You wuz here