Monday, 1 February 2010

Chief Ministers are we all

Firstly I am disappointed in myself that I had heard of Goodluck Jonathan before I had heard of Friday Lyngdoh the new co-chief minister of Meghalaya. I seek to differentiate these names from the Hartal Halappas and the Mukhyamantri Chandrus. You see, Friday and Goodluck are actually their names.

Now not only are there reports that there are multiple chief ministers of the land of the clouds but there also seems to be no consensus on the number of chief ministers with Times of India saying that there are two and Indian Express saying there are four. The Hindu says it is four and I shall believe the "four" version for now. Now apart from the four chief ministers there are also two deputy chief ministers. Hon'ble Union Minister of State for Water Resources and the lovely Union Minister of State, Ministry of Rural Development must be reconsidering their choice of entering national politics though both of them seem to be doing well for themselves even there.

The satirist in me says that this is a good step for development in the North East. It is job creation at the highest level.

Thankfully they have clarified that executive power will remain with one person. This means that the A163 and 164 of the constitution will not be molested for now.

P.S. It has made the headlines this time. But it has been an old practice to accommodate political leaders and supporters as heads of cooperatives, authorities, public corporations and quangos and give them rank of cabinet minister. A friend tells me that a certain lawyer representing Sri BSY in a sensitive case has been given status of cabinet minister for protocol purposes.


Anonymous said...

Lol :D

Varman said...

Watsup Hegde? Hows is prep for finals? This post is too amusing Hegde. The best part is "Its Job creation at the highest level"! I read it again, again and again. Please post more similar ones . Btw what is happening in Kant assembly? Everytime I switch on the television, I couldnt avoid laughing loud watching the news channel, either local or national. Your state politicians would beat Mubaikars , any time easily:)

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