Friday, 12 March 2010

Episode 3 - On life and politics

...and I shall be an eligible beneficiary.



Ravishankar said...

Greetings. Nice blog. I am especially impressed by the last few posts which are in comics format.

In this comic, I think the photo is ulta. It appears as if the Pandit is wearing the sacred thread on the right shoulder, whereas it is normally on the left shoulder and only when performing last rites it is worn on right shoulder. Is it not so? Otherwise it is very nice. Hope your marriage is arranged soon!

vikramhegde said...

Thank you sir. The photo is laterally inverted. I did it for easier editing. Good catch. Unfortunately I don't think I can rectify it. I am too young for marriage right now :)

Akhil said...

Good one.

a fan said...

I believe it's too early to conclude as a beneficiary of something which will happen in the future. (Is there a lawyer specific term for this?:))
Life has its own funny way of throwing surprises. ;)

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