Sunday, 9 March 2008

Intruder on campus

This is the night between 8th and 9th March 2008. Time 1:30. I was writing my long overdue placement diary when I suddenly heard screaming noises in the distance. They grew louder and louder till it was clearly discernible as belonging to someone who was out of breath and sitting in my room, I could place it as coming from somewhere near the pond in front of the boys' hostel. I quickly pulled on a shirt and trousers and rushed outside to see what was happening. Thinking retrospectively, I shouldn't have done this. It put me in unnecessary danger. (My parents and relatives who know of my propensity to something stupid like this have repeatedly warned me to be careful but good advice seldom penetrates my skull.)

As I walked out of Cauvery Hostel, still buttoning my shirt, a man in a faded flowery shirt and shorts ran up the pathway leading to the mess. As he saw me he let out a shriek and continued running towards Ganga hostel. I had no clue about what was going on and dumbly looked on as he disappeared. I wasn't even able to see whether he went into Ganga or just ran into the gap between the hostels. Considering I didn't hear the hostel door opening, I hope we can safely assume that he isn't hiding in the hostel.

Then I saw the security guards armed with metal rods running towards me. In reply to my question as to what the noise was all about they told me that a thief had entered campus and they were looking for him. "He went that way just as I came out the door" I said pointing in the general direction of Ganga. One guard looks at me incredulously "You didn't catch him?". Looking on disapprovingly as I explain that I didn't know what was going on, they decide to search the area. Another guard with flashlights arrives and I go with them as they search unable to contain my curiosity.

After a futile search, they tell me that someone intruded into the ISEC campus a few days ago and tied to steal the sandalwood trees growing there(somehow all these holiday crime-thriller stories have their roots in ISEC. I haven't written about the robbed firang incident that happened last holidays. Ask me sometime, I don't want to write about it here.) Apparently they successfully cut it down but were interrupted before they were able to haul it away.

What actually seemed funny to me is that this man had supposedly been gallivanting about near the library when they found him. The guards over there whacked him a couple of times causing him to demonstrate his track skills.

Residents of NLSIU beware. I'm not saying that this guy who has entered and is still possibly hiding somewhere near MHOR will stay on till all you guys come back (though that is only two days away). I'm saying that our fears that people might be entering campus at almost any time and be in a position to cause harm has just been demonstrated as being true.

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