Wednesday, 9 April 2008

One month later

It is a month ago that I last posted on this blog. It is a long time ago that I actually posted something on this blog, something which is keeping with the spirit of the blog as originally envisaged.

However this should be a good opportunity to take stock of the happenings around me in this past one month. Though I can think of an event (ICCC) which will forever change the way I see myself the world around me it would be best not to distort my memories of it by trying to define it in with my pathetic writing skills.


Teclado e Mouse said...

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vikramhegde said...

Haw Mr.(?) Teclado e mouse, you seem to have disappeared and removed your blog. But yes thanks for being one of my very few readers and I'm glad you like my blog. Please do give a link to your new blog if have created one.

You wuz here