Thursday, 12 June 2008

Circular to Muzrai department

I keep seeing lists of jokes about crazy laws existing in various parts of the world. I suppose to an outsider looking at India, the circular by the Muzrai ministry of Karnataka on June 9th, would be an apt addition to one of these lists. Beleive it or not, the circular actually directed all Muzrai temples (there are 34000 of them in Karnataka) to perform daily pooja and archana in the name of the Chief Minister.
It's one thing for a government to lose face when a minister is caught with his hands in the cookie jar and quite another to make a fool of itself like this. What actually bordered on the surreal was that the muzrai minister tried to defend his action saying prayers are offered everyday in the name of the Maharaja of Mysore in Tirupati. I immediately had a vision of a bloated Yeddyurappa in royal finery astride a horse and going by the title of the King of Karnataka and had to shake myself out of this dystopian day dream.
And by the way Mr. Krishnaiah Chetty, the Wodeyar made a huge donation to the temple and therefore the practice. It isn't that he issued an imperial edict to that effect or something.
The state of our opposition is such that the only problem they see with this is that the CM is using Government Machinery for personal gain.
This post on this blog is just to register my moral indignation. Legal pooh-pooing shall come up jointly with Goel.
Despit the government having been around only for two weeks, the abovementioned scandal isn't my first or greatest disappointment with this government. I'm far more horrified at the firing at farmers in Haveri but even that doesn't top my list of grouses. That place would go to the appointment of Shobha Krandlaje (Shobhakka raje :) as district incharge minister for Mysore. She is a BANGALOREAN elected from Yashwantpur or somewhere. We can do without a district incharge minister rather than have a Bangalorean.


Ravi Koti said...

Yedyurappa King of Karnataka - heh heh well said. But going by your logic of paying money to have a puja performed in ones name, perhaps they should be offering puja in the name of the reddy brothers.

vikramhegde said...
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vikramhegde said...

I take back my statement saying Shobakka shouldn't be district in charge minister for mysore. Though I was grudgingly admitting that she is good after Dasara, now I have no choice but to fall for her dynamism and efficiency. I would have even wished her happy valentine's day. But Yeddi taptiLkondre...

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