Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Learning and transformation sequences

There are some sequences in movies wherein the subject learns a great art or skill over a montage or song a few minutes long. Classic example- The eye song in the Rocky movies.

The bottom of the list should be a couple of scenes in Don. I'm talking about the Bacchan one. In that one Zeenat Aman learns martial arts over two scenes. The first scene is the master shaking her hand and in the act of shaking her hand, tips her over. She learns Karate and then offers a handshake to the master, and in turn tips him over proving her acquired mettle.

The other end of that list, the point of this post, is from a movie the name of which I cannot remember. I saw this Telugu movie in 2004 while getting a haircut. The sequence was of a young boy learning Carnatic Classical Music. He learns it across one song (playback for him is B.R.Chaya I think). The master starts singing Brocheva and the student in the first line is only able to mumble out a couple of sound. By the second line he is matching the guru's notes and by the end of the song, is singing like B.R. Chaya.


A ditty said...
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A ditty said...

Interestingly, another movie where it happens is Matrix when Keanu Reeves becomes a kungfu-champion-helicopter-flying-bullet-dodging-hero from a wuss in a matter of minutes... but there I guess it is supposed to happen that way, not a fast forward!
Another interesting analogy could be made to the K-soaps; decades go by in a matter of a second as the message flashes "aur das saal baad" :)

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