Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Top 10 discoveries of 2008

Discoveries include rediscoveries


Untamed cat


What I'm here for (One of the several theories, and here means Law School I'm not capable of thought more metaphysical than that)

What I like doing (as in what I REALLY like doing)

Avrekal Saaru, BeLe HoLige etc. thanks aayi

Treadmill, H Bar etc. (weight on 01/01/2008 = 86, weight on 01/01/2009 = 74 and that without being regular)

Mr. V K Patil (special public prosecutor when I first met him early 2008. Now Deputy Director of Prosecutions)


Negotiations from the other side

Ten is too short a list. And these are in no particular order. Will post addenda soon.


a fan said...

am honoured :)

Even i was planning to write about my realizations in 2008...

Regarding the gym part, it's great. keep going...probably a marathon can be added to the list in 2009...

Anonymous said...

What about While My Guitar Gently Weeps?

vikramhegde said...

@ a fan

A marathon will have to wait. For now I'm thinking of a nice long trek/ camping trip.

@ Anonymous

Very true... Playing "While my guitar gently weeps" on the flute after trying it out once five minutes before I went up on stage :)

Will also include Shakti and other stuff I picked up from you.

You wuz here