Tuesday, 6 January 2009

the mysore stamp

On and off I have been a strong advocate of Mysore's greatness on this blog (A year and a half and I shall be a great advocate from Mysore, hyuk hyuk I crack myself up).

Inspired, of course by this which was flashing at the margin of this blog along with the other Mysore news. The piece lists out several items which hold geographical indications from Mysore and places near Mysore. Expectedly it includes Mysore Sandal oil, Mysore Sandal soap, Mysore Agarbatti, Mysore Silk, Mysore Mallige (Jasmine) and Mysore paintings.

I hadn't heard of Mysore betel leaves (the best ones are Mangalore ele) and if not given a tip off I would not have listed Mysore Rosewood Inlay work.

One registered item the author has missed are Mysore Ganjifa Playing cards (found in several places in India but only the mysore variety finds mention in the GI registry at Chennai). Not so popular themselves anymore, the patterns and designs from these cards occur just about everywhere from jewelry to sarees to carpets.

Some items which non mysoreans tell me mysore is famous for but aren't registered as GI include Mysore dosei, Mysore rasam (not sold commercially under these appellations and have more to do with the recipe than the place of making). Mysore Pak, though sold commercially by that name, doesn't hold a GI for similar reasons. Come to think of it I've never even had good mysore pak in Mysore. Other items in this category include Mysore Petha (or Jari petha) which is a style of wrapping a turban,

Jogging my memory a bit more I can also think of Mysore cattle (also called Kangayam cattle), which would be a prime candidate for GI though I'm not sure if they actually are from Mysore. Mysore Mallige rice, again denoting a rice variety from regions falling within the erstwhile Mysore state. Mysore Dal which I have merely heard of and have been told that it is a special variety of toor dal (those in the know will kindly throw more light). Mysore Badanekayi (alternative name: Eerangere badanekayi) which is a kind of brinjal grown in villages near Mysore and an essential component of the Vangibaath of my dreams. I've heard of Mysore Ivory carvings but we love our elephants here so don't even think about it.
Mysore kuri (two varieties Kurumbar and Shambliar both known as Mysore Sheep)

Something that will never qualify for GI is mysore weed (is this the Srirangapatna stuff some people here talk about?) but I have it from good authority (Gazetteer no less) that the State of Mysore sanctioned the sale of weed and opium and maintained depots for the purpose.

Will someone please tell me what mysore idli is?


Kishor Gordhandas said...

Dear Vikram Hegde,

I have gone through your BLOG on Mysore items,many -but I am writing here to inform you that I am a Ganjifa Cards Specialist, with a handsome cllection of these. I have seen Mysore CHADS, in Jagmohan Palace, Dharmasthala (S. K.)etc. places and I am also having some.
I can only be able to send the colour pictures of one or two of these, if you are intrsted.- on your e-mail

vikramhegde said...

Would be absolutely delighted to see some pictures. Could you please mail them to me at vikramhegde87@gmail.com. Could you also inform me where I can find the famed Sawantwadi cards and if I can find these Bangalore/Mysore somewhere?

Vikram Hegde

Avinash said...

Vikki wat da fuk you know about Mysore weed da, tryin 2 b cool n all?

vikramhegde said...

Is this Solle? Trichyge hodmele addresse illa...

You wuz here