Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Vikram Hegdes of this world

I have come across some techies on Orkut, Facebook etc. with the same name as me and I can also think of a distant relative called Vikram Hegde. However, the latest Vikram Hegde to catch my attention has been the man who is legal counsel to the recently arrested B.V. Seetharam, editor of 'Karavali Ale'.

B.V. Seetharam has been arrested by the Mangaloor Rural Police Station. Cases have been booked against him under S 153 (A), 153 (B) and 29 (A) IPC. News of his extreme weakness and his life being in danger in Police Custody have filled the local media(here, here).

Now this other Vikram Hegde also being an advocate has led to a wee bit confusion which at current levels only amuses me. After receiving messages yesterday from 2 juniors in college who were just pulling my leg, I received 2 calls today from people who actually thought it was me. I had to remind them that I was still in college and wouldn't be able to undertake any such activity till the second half of 2010. To complicate matters, the Editor has now been shifted from Mangalore Sub Jail to Mysore Central Jail and one guy wanted me to know If I was handling it in Mysore.

Nonetheless I wish my namesake and his client all the best. I'll not make any comment on the merits of the complaint against him (not because of procedural impropriety of comments pending trial or anything but simply because I don't know enough about the exact nature of the complaint). However, I find the treatment meted out to the editor extremely disturbing. A friend has sent me a brief of the new Cr.P.C. amendment which he says would make such arrests illegal. Will have to wait till after exams. Best of luck to those who are writing exams with me.

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