Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Long convoluted joke

So our hero, the defender of civil liberties and anti war crusader decides to have a road show where he will be shown to demolish, at least symbolically, all divisive structures.

He first goes to Panmunjom, a village divided by a brick and mortar compound in the Korean DMZ.(I'll hit anyone who asks me North Korean or South Korean) A huge crowd of fans from all over the world has gathered to watch him in action with his sledge hammer. He takes one mighty swing and knocks 15 grams of debris on to the ground. International media lauds him but notes that he didn't do anything to acknowledge his fans and went about the task nonchalantly which isn't quite his style.

He then goes to the border at Gaza strip where the Israelis have constructed a separator to keep out Palestinians. He doesn't turn to smile at the hearty cheers of "Allah-ho-Akbar" from the local Fatah party workers and mechanically swings his hammer.

Next stop - Berlin. Now there isn't any wall anymore obviously but this is all symbolic so it doesn't matter. So he goes to a small erection that has come up specially for this event. No glance towards audience, his face emotionless he gives it a whack with his hammer. People are beginning to worry if he's getting carried away with the show.

He goes then to Western Sahara's compound of shame, dividing Moroccan controlled areas and Polisario controlled areas. His faithful audience has followed him to the desert. He looks at his fans, says "check this out" and breaks the fourth wall.


A ditty said...

This is the rare variety of joke - much like spotting a robin at the poles. It is some sort of a what you may also call as a good "sad-joke" (contra, K-jokes, which are, as most sad jokes are, bad sad-jokes).

Dum Spiro, Spero. said...

macha. What have you been smoking?

vikramhegde said...

@ A ditty
Heheh... We take pride in bringing to you the most finely crafted sad jokes in the world.

@ Gupta
I'm sure you figured where this was going by the second wall.

Divya said...

I like this one :). It made me laugh for 2 whole minutes.

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